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  • My name is Shelly Blythe. I lost 28 pounds in 30 days and went from a size 12 to a size 6. I’ve never felt better in my life.
  • I love this company. I've lost 20lbs in 3 weeks and I feel great.  I'm now down to a size 6.  Would definitely recommend it to my friends...thanks a lot Norcal Healthy Solutions!
  • I have been dieting for 10 years and have not taken a picture with my family for over 10 years because I have seen myself as fat and not suitable to be in a picture with them.  My father in law sent me this product back in February and I have lost 40 pounds! I have gone from a size 14 to a size 4 in 60 days! Amazing!  I have been on Phase 3 for 2 months and have not gained a pound back this has changed my life! I have to say that I do not have a thyroid and losing weight has been such a problem for so many years but with Nor Cal Healthy Solutions being fat is a problem of the past!  High blood pressure is a problem of the past!!!!  My problem now a days is finding clothes in a size 4 that fit without a belt!!!!  I have so much energy and I just can't believe that everyone doesn't know about this product.  I have tried every diet product on the shelves and this is amazing!!!! NO EXERCISE NO SWEATING!  No crazy food to buy. I can make my own menus and I get to eat 6 times a day so I never go hungry.  I have never been on a program that I have lost weight and kept it off without the supplements and it has changed my life for the better for the rest of my life!
  • This program is amazing.  I recommend this weight loss system without hesitation to anyone interested in changing their lifestyle in a positive way.  When I started I weighed 150lbs.  I've lost 22lbs and feel great!
  • Nor Cal Healthy Solutions changed my life! I knew I needed help after almost dying in February this year and then I saw the commercial on TV. Best call I ever made! When I began the program I weighed 172 lbs on my 5′ 1″ body. By the middle of June I had lost 45 pounds and just in time for my 65th birthday! I'm currently a size 6 and down a total of 50lbs. Thank you for my new HEALTHY LIFESTYLE NOR CAL! I FEEL FABULOUS!
  • I started this diet at 290 lbs in February and now fluctuate between 200 lbs and 205 lbs and its been an easy process.  I lost a total of 90 lbs, 42 lbs the first 30 days.  I've maintained my weight the past 6 months and the food regimen has been great.  You will loose weight!.
  • I've lost 30lbs and a couple of dress sizes. I feel much better, have good energy and have adapted to the program without any real hard challenges.
  • I've lost a total of 15lbs so far.  To be able to loose 10 pounds in two weeks is like a miracle. It's so awesome to finally find a diet that works!   I recommend it to anyone that has tried to loose weight and think they can't.  Because you can with this diet!
  • Being a tax-preparer it was quite a challenge to start the program during the busiest time of year. I read through the book and decided to strictly follow it starting with throwing out everything in my cupboard that wasn't on the menu list. The cd program helped me to maintain my motivation and the bit of advice that struck me best was "If you fail to prepare you are preparing to fail".
    Each day I would get up and step on the scale, many times I had to step off and back on because I didn't believe what the scale was reading. The pounds melted away, my friends and family were amazed at the rapid progress. I had to adjust my target twice because I was still loosing weight.
    However, it was well worth it. Instead of gaining 10 to 20 lbs during the period from January to April,  I lost weight and reached by target weight on April 18th.  I'm down a total of 70 lbs!!
    This program has taught me how I need to eat for the rest of my life to maintain a healthy life style. A massive thank you to the developers of the program. I feel great and look forward to a long healthy life.
  • I've lost my first 17 lbs and went from a size 6 to a 4.  I feel fantastic and would definitely recommend this program for anyone wanting a healthier lifestyle.
  • I lost 22 lbs in 6 weeks and I'll feel great!
  • I dreaded having to walk up a set of stairs because I'd be so out of breath. In a matter of 2 months, I went from size 44 to 38 waist size and I fly up those same stairs now. The system and support work when you work it. I'm down to my college playing weight, 37 years ago. A total of 49 pounds lost! Update after 4 months Wanted to take a minute just to thank both of you for your direction and support over the last 4 months. As of today, I am down 57 lbs and actually, my doctor says I'm down 64 since my last appointment in March. She also said my A 1c number (Blood sugar #) is down from 6.9% to 5.7%. She congratulated me on an incredible turnaround.   I have no doubt I was headed for trouble with the weight I was carrying around.So Thank You for the gift you gave me.
    Rick L
  • I went from 222 lbs to 184 lbs, pant size 38 to size 34. Feeling great after losing that amount of weight. I have a lot more energy. I really liked the way the meal plans were designed, they made it easy for me to continue the meals daily even after the weight came off. Would definitely recommend it not only as a diet but as a lifestyle.

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