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Level 3 Healthy Living System

The success of this system is its clear success plan for healthy living as it focuses on fueling the body with whole, nutrient-rich foods. Customers who want to eliminate sugar, processed foods, and high-carbohydrate foods are able to stay on track with clear goals with meal planning and food options to help them build new, healthy habits. Customers will receive a program to follow and adapt to healthy habits as their energy increases, sleep habits improve, while adopting new habits for the rest of their life.

Customers with specific fat and weight loss goals have benefitted from taking the 3 Lean supplements to help them stay on track. By following the healthy living plan, and eating low-fat foods during phase II of the program, the body will use the excess fat, which contains nutrients that will be naturally utilized in the absence of high-fat containing foods.

Liv SXinney

Customers love this product! Simply add a pack to 32 ounces of filtered water to sip on all day to get the vitamins and nutrients needed. This product can help decrease appetite, increase energy, cleanse the body, reduce body fat, and build lean body mass.

Customers love this product because as the body is fed powerful herbal concentrates, they feel satisfied. This product contains powerful clinically tested weight control ingredients that help decrease appetite, increase energy and reduce body fat. Liv SXinney Max is the perfect choice for your busy lifestyle. You can take it with you and drink it throughout the day. In addition to powerful herbal concentrates, Liv SXinney contains vitamin B complex which is important in the body’s production of energy, natural caffeine which can also boost energy, and chromium to help balance blood sugar levels. Please note: Also available in caffeine free–Liv Sxinney.

Liv Crave

Another customer favorite. Simply add a pack to 32 ounces of filtered water to sip on all day and get the fiber and prebiotics that tastes like citrus. This has more fiber and less fructose than an apple.

Crave tastes like citrus candy and is full of the important fiber and prebiotics that you need every day to stay healthy. It can also help you feel full and stave off your desire for sweets and fatty foods. Crave has more fiber and less fructose than an apple.

LivPro 15

Known for it’s advanced formula and delicious taste, this protein powder mix supports lean muscle strength for a healthy body. Made with dehydrated coconut water, sweetened with stevia, and is delicious and nutritious for the whole family.