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Meet Don Blythe, Founder

We’re just like you. We have families, we have careers, goals, dreams, and we just want to live the best life we can in the bodies that we’re born with. Period. Like so many people, we were working hard for our money, had some kids, and got into a routine that worked … kind of.

See, not that long ago, I was an Account Executive for one of the largest ice cream producers in the world.  And before that, a rep for another food giant that produced pies and sweet-and-salty snacks. Day in and day out, I was all about getting those sugary, savory goods to billions of people. Our kitchen pantry shelves, desk tops, glove boxes, and refrigerator showcased those well-known treats. Until one day, at a famous amusement park, a family of five was buying ice cream from one of the food vendors. Yes, the very brands that had been providing us shelter, food, and a comfortable lifestyle. I overheard the mom announce to her family, “I’m on vacation, I’m going to eat whatever I want without feeling guilty!–Besides we’re already fat! Eat up!”

Right then and there, as I noticed my own expanding waistline, and recalling the countless times my wife would complain about how much weight she’d gained, and we didn’t want our children having access to those calorie-packed–zero-nutrients foods — I couldn’t help but wonder if I was contributing to the unhealthy habits of many Americans. Was I adding to the increasing obesity rates that can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and unhealthy habits? I know we each have the power to make healthy choices for ourselves, yet, I couldn’t help but feel somewhat responsible. I was bringing those foods into my home for my family to ‘enjoy’. Regularly! I started to wonder if my chosen career path was benefitting or hurting myself, my family, and others.

We all search for purpose in life. Shortly after cleaning up our eating habits and taking the supplements to support our new habits, we saw noticeable results that left us feeling good in our bodies, and our family continues to maintain a healthy lifestyle that allows us to indulge once in a while. Most importantly, I  realized that my purpose is to help people in a personal way. My wife and I want others to feel as good as we do.

I left that job to start NorCal Healthy Solutions to provide programs and tools to people who are ready to transform their lives toward lifelong healthy habits and true well being.

Here’s to you and your health!


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